Francis Takes the Fifth then (Twisting the Gospel) Preaches that Silence = Truth. You Couldn’t Make It Up

Fatima Perspectives #1230

The term in politics is “stonewalling,” and stonewalling is exactly what Pope Francis and his advisors have chosen as the strategy for dealing with the explosive accusation by Archbishop Viganò, the Pope’s own former ambassador to the United States, that Francis not only did nothing for five years about the documented sexual predation of ex-Cardinal McCarrick but rehabilitated the monster, who had lobbied for his election as Pope, and took his advice on the elevation of three pro-homosexual prelates to the cardinalate and key episcopal sees (Cupich, Tobin and Farrell).

The stonewalling began with Francis’ declaration during the inflight press conference on the return flight from Dublin that he would “not say a word” about Viganò’s 11-page sworn testimony, published to the world, but rather would rely on the “maturity” of the press to draw its own “conclusions” (read: attack Viganò, which they have since been doing furiously). 

After “taking the Fifth” on the papal jet, Francis has continued his stonewalling with a “meditation” in the chapel of Casa Santa Marta in which, as is his custom, he twisted Scripture to suit the rhetorical needs of the moment. 

The Scripture reading for the day was from the 4th Chapter of Luke, verses 16-30, wherein Our Lord, after reading from the Book of Isaias in the synagogue at Nazareth, openly preaches to the Pharisees that He is the very fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaias on the coming of the Messiah, anointed by God “to preach the gospel to the poor” and “heal the contrite of heart,” “preach deliverance to the captives, and sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of reward.” His listeners, “filled with anger,” then “rose up and thrust him out of the city; and they brought him to the brow of the hill, whereon their city was built, that they might cast him down headlong. But he passing through the midst of them, went his way.”

Ignoring the entire meaning of this passage of the Gospel, Francis focuses merely on Our Lord’s ability to pass through the midst of the angry mob unharmed — after He had spoken the truth they did not want to hear — and somehow deduces from this the utter non sequitur that “It is the dignity of Jesus. With his silence he defeats that wild pack and walks away because it was not yet his hour. This teaches us that when there is this way of acting, of not seeing the truth, silence remains.”

But, of course, Our Lord’s silence comes only after He has spoken fearlessly the very truth that subjects Him to an immediate threat of death.  Francis, on the other hand, refused to say a single word about the truth that exposes him to just condemnation, not the irrational anger of the Pharisees who wanted to kill their own Messiah.

Perfecting his deception, Francis further declared:  “Because the truth is mild, the truth is silent, the truth is not noisy. It is not easy, what Jesus did; but there is the dignity of the Christian who is anchored in the power of God.”  Here there can be no question that Francis seeks to mislead the faithful into believing that what was not easy for Our Lord was to remain silent as He walked away from the mob, when in fact it was His proclamation that He was the fulfillment of biblical prophecy that, humanly speaking, was the cause of great danger for Him.

Having thus misappropriated the Gospel, Francis further declares that “silence and prayer” are the only way to deal with “persons who do not have good will, with those who look only for scandal, who look only for division, who look only for destruction” — meaning Viganò and his defenders, including bishops and cardinals, as if anyone didn’t know.

Twisting the very Word of God to suit his own cunning refusal to address a just and damning accusation against him.  There is simply no limit, it seems, to the audacity of this Pope.  But, thanks be to God, more and more members of the faithful are coming to realize just what it is that confronts the Church in the person of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.


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