54-day Rosary Novena: Day 11 - Sorrowful in Petition

They Are Everywhere Now

Fatima Perspectives #1220

With the fall of Cardinal McCarrick and news of the grand jury report regarding an investigation of no fewer than 300 sexual predator priests in Pennsylvania dioceses alone, it should be obvious to anyone who is not willfully blind that the “pedophile crisis” of the early 2000s is actually a homosexual crisis involving a veritable invasion of the Church at all levels by active homosexuals.

I attended the 2002 “pedophile summit” in Rome as a journalist. During the press event at the North American College, I asked Bishop Wilton Gregory, then head of the USCCB, about the obvious failure to enforce the pre-Vatican II instruction of the Holy See barring admission of homosexuals, and even those with homosexual tendencies, to the seminary, and he replied (as quoted in press reports around the world): “It is an ongoing struggle. It is most importantly a struggle to make sure that the Catholic priesthood is not dominated by homosexual men.” As I wrote back then: “Despite this devastating admission by the very head of United States bishops’ conference, the Vatican instruction will continue to be ignored.  Thus, a new bumper crop of homosexual ordinands is guaranteed — and with it a new harvest of scandal for the Church.”

My prediction of 16 years ago has come to pass.  But it did not take a prophet to see what was coming, because it was obvious back then that major segments of the hierarchy were knowingly presiding over the homosexual invasion of the priesthood and that they intended to do nothing to stop it but rather fully intended to go on concealing it. 

In fact, at the “pedophile summit,” which pretended the problem was not rampant homosexuality in the priesthood but a few child molesters, the American cardinals in attendance, “after forty years of ordaining homosexuals in defiance of the Vatican’s never-enforced instruction that ‘those affected by the perverse inclination to homosexuality or pederasty should be excluded from religious vows and ordination,’” were willing to do nothing more than state the following preposterously inadequate proposal in their ridiculous Final Communiqué: “We will propose that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recommend a special process for the dismissal from the clerical state of a priest who has become notorious and is guilty of the serial, predatory, sexual abuse of minors.”

Note the lawyer-like qualifications on the language: the cardinals proposed that the bishops vote on whether to recommend a process to remove from the priesthood only notorious, serial and predatory child molesters, leaving not only secret child molesters but also all the homosexuals engaging in sodomy with legal adults safely in place — including Cardinal McCarrick, one of the very leaders of the “pedophile summit.”

And this is not even to mention the existence of the same sodomitical corruption of the hierarchy on every continent and in virtually every nation on earth. Never, absolutely never, has the Church witnessed the level of moral, doctrinal and liturgical corruption that has arisen in her midst since the “opening to the world” at Vatican II.  In these unprecedented times, we can only keep the Faith, speak the truth, and expect the divine chastisement that is surely coming unless, by a miracle of grace, the Message of Fatima is finally heeded and obeyed by a holy and courageous Pope, whose name may well be Pius.


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