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Young People Seek to Correct Old Men’s Rigged “Synod on Youth”

Fatima Perspectives #1200

As the next Phony Synod — the one on Youth — approaches, Life Site News reports the encouraging development that “a group of Catholic youth expect to publish a summary of what was left out of the ‘pre-synod’ document presented to Pope Francis in March.”

Excluded from the pre-synodal document by the old men who stage-managed its creation are the real concerns of young Catholics about the state of the Church today, including their pleas for “more access to the Tridentine Mass, more reverent liturgies in general, and a greater defense of Church teaching on sexual morality, abortion, and marriage.”

One young man in particular, Łukasz Kożuchowski, a 21-year-old student at the University of Warsaw, told Life Site, “I thought that it may genuinely help real voices of young people be heard during the Synod and that we may have real impact on its final conclusions.” Having joined one of the Facebook groups that were supposed to have input into the pre-synodal document,  Kożuchowski was happy to see that “Many of us were asking for reverential liturgies (in both forms), wider popularization of the Extraordinary Form, solid Catholic teaching and being treated seriously, not in a childish manner.”

Instead, however, the document actually produced from the supposed input of “young people” contained the same old bromides the aged revolutionaries of Vatican II have been uttering for decades about a supposedly hidebound Church that must overcome its rigid past.  As Kożuchowski noted with evident disgust: “[W]hen the first (draft) of the Pre-Synodal document was published, it turned out that it was full of well-known cliches and did not reflect what numerous people asked for.” He further noted that all complaints about the document were ignored.

Of course they were ignored.  The fix was in from the moment the “Synod on Youth” was announced, just as it was from the moment the “Synod on the Family” was announced. And just as the Synod on the Family actually undermined the family by opening the door to the institutional toleration of divorce via the admission of divorced and “remarried” people to Holy Communion, so will the “Synod on Youth” subvert the good of youth by giving voice to youthful dissenters from Church teaching while ignoring the voice of faithful youth who have had quite enough of the post-conciliar revolution in the Church, which the Vatican’s old men seem determined to continue until their dying breath.

And so it falls to Catholic youth to publish their own document on what young people really want, as opposed to what old men in the Vatican claim they want. And, fittingly enough, the document will appear on Pentecost Sunday, when some 15,000 young people will be in the process of marching from Notre Dame in Paris to Notre Dame in Chartres, where Cardinal Sarah will offer for them the traditional Latin Mass.  A pilgrimage — the most impressive in the world — in which I am participating as this article appears.

Try as they might, the old men of Vatican II cannot suppress the Church of all time. The youth they pretend to serve will carry Tradition forward long after they have gone to their graves.  Tradition will bury them as the desert sands buried the Sphinxes erected by vainglorious Egyptian kings.

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