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Dolan and Martin: Perfect Together

Fatima Perspective #1198

The already infamous gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to which the Vatican foolishly lent 40 pieces of historic value, including medieval vestments and liturgical items from the Sistine Chapel, was an eminently predictable freak show. Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the unbearably pretentious, pseudo-intellectual dilettante who heads the Pontifical Council for Culture, should have been able to foresee that an event entitled “Heavenly Bodies — Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” would be yet another obscene mockery of the Church by a world that despises her.   Fashion models and assorted celebrities, including “Madonna” and “Rihanna,” appeared in garb that was a diabolical parody of Catholic clerical and liturgical dress. The images are far too offensive to be presented here.

Also in attendance, to behave in his usual embarrassing manner, was Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who complained jovially that there wasn’t enough food to fill his stomach.  As reported by the NY Post, Dolan later revealed on Sirius Radio that “I had to tip the waiter to go out and get me a couple of hot dogs from the cart outside the museum” and that “he chowed down on three peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches when he got home in the evening.”  Consider the implications: a prince of the Church induces a waiter to buy him hot dogs so that he can wolf them down while hobnobbing with Church-hating celebrities.

I quite agree with Maureen Mullarkey’s assessment of New York’s most unfortunate cardinal: “What is the point of Cardinal Dolan? Whatever vocation he might once have espoused has dissolved in the acid of celebrity.” But Dolan is only symptomatic of a human element of the Church that has largely dissolved in the acid of the spirit of our secular age.

Equally symptomatic was another prominent clerical attendee, Father James Martin, SJ, the fanatical advocate of homosexuality who is running rampant in the Church, calling on “gay” priests to “come out” while hypocritically declining to reveal his own “sexual orientation.”  The very ability of this arrogant subversive to prowl about the Church without any sanction by ecclesiastical authority — nay, with the positive approval of certain bishops and cardinals — signals a terminal state of affairs in the current ecclesial crisis.

We are witnessing the humiliation of the Bride of Christ with the cooperation of those who should be defending her dignity against assault. Mullarkey puts it in her usual colorful but trenchant way: “When it comes to diminishing what the Catholic imagination struggles to embrace, there is always room for one more custard pie.”  Or a couple of hot dogs.

May God soon rescue His stricken Church through the intervention of His Blessed Mother, bringing an end to a diabolical nightmare that has become a reality.

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