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Fatima is the solution to the mayhem in the Vatican today

Last year, the attention of many in the Catholic press turned to the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, which had occurred 100 years prior.  We at the Fatima Center were gratified to see that some in the Catholic press understood those apparitions are not simply an historical event, but are critical for understanding and solving the crises of our times.

In an article from last April entitled “Fatima is the Solution for the Mayhem in the Vatican Today”, Lifesitenews editor, John-Henry Westen, wrote that the “only solution” to the “mess” in the Church is “Divine intervention” and that we needed to beg for that intervention by living the Message of Fatima in our lives.  

Mr. Westen suggested we “skip the debate” about whether the consecration of Russia was done by Pope John-Paul II in 1984.  The Fatima Center has conclusively ended that debate by proving it was not.  Nonetheless, we endorse his call for a consecration of Russia that “mentions Russia specifically” .

In the year since Mr. Westen’s article, the crisis in the Church has worsened.  As a result, the Message of Fatima is even more important today.  Yet, in the year after the 100th anniversary, the attention of the Catholic world has begun to wane.  

We cannot let that happen.  Help us to help keep Fatima front and center as the only solution to crisis in the Church.  As Mr. Westen suggests, let us all “pray the Rosary, wear the Scapular, make the First Saturdays devotion and request the explicit consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.”


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