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Did God Comment on the Sex Abuse Summit in Rome?

The worst storm to hit Malta since 1982 produced hurricane force winds of up to 133km/h, according to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. The storm, which occurred on February 24, generated the intense sea turbulence that can be seen in the video below. One immense wave in particular rolled over the Ricasoli Breakwater Lighthouse in Valletta, Malta, which was filmed by Ben Cardona for Pineapple Media where he works. The slow-motion effect was added in post-production.   A 30ft-tall lighthouse is completely covered by a huge wave as 85mph winds blitz Malta in the island’s worst storm since 1982

What is interesting is that February 24 was the closing day of the Vatican summit on clerical sexual abuse, which carefully avoided any discussion of homosexuality amongst clergymen rather than address it as the cause of sexual-abuse in the Catholic Church. The issue of homosexual priests—the very cause of the sex-abuse scandal—was completely sidestepped at the summit.

And who was the key organizer of the summit but Archbishop Charles Scicluna of MALTA, who appeared to excuse homosexuality when he spoke of “human conditions that we recognize, and that exist, but they aren’t something that really predisposes to sin.”

The archbishop said on February 22 that decades of widespread homosexuality in U.S. seminaries had “nothing to do with the sexual abuse of minors,” and stated that he “would never dare point to a category [i.e. homosexuality] as one that has the propensity to sin.”

The implication is that homosexual and heterosexual [marital] inclinations are on an equal plane, that one category is no more or less sinful than the other, and that homosexuals, as with married people should simply use their “engenderment” responsibly by leaving the minors alone and engaging only with adults. It suggests the idea of “responsible” homosexuality.

Hence, the summit’s emphasis on “protection of minors.” The summit that Scicluna organized was all about concealing the Vatican’s collusion with a homosexual lobby under the guise of “protecting minors.”

A wave of divine justice appears to have collided with the lighthouse in Malta to punctuate the fact that the episcopal beacon of Malta has gone out! We pray this will be a wake-up call for the archbishop and the entire hierarchy as to how Almighty God feels about the infamous summit that served, not to halt, but to further the advance of clerical sexual abuse by deflecting the attention from homosexual activity of bishops and priests.

This negligence was punctuated by Pope Francis’ own statement at the summit’s close, when he said, “Those who perpetrate abuse, that is acts of physical, sexual or emotional violence, are primarily parents, relatives, husbands of child brides, coaches and teachers.” Not a word about homosexual clergy.

The hand of divine justice apparently has refused to waive this negligence. Hopefully, this apparent sign from God will serve as a moral beacon for all to behold from afar.

A 30ft lighthouse is covered by a huge wave as 85mph winds hit Malta

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