Democratic Party Platform: Kill the Babies!

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

– “Essay on Man” by Alexander Pope

There is a popular notion that so long as people of good will bear with one another patiently, every conflict can be reconciled. We tend to subscribe to this notion, for we would rather get along with others, often for the sake of our own comfort, than take a position that may cost us that comfort and much more besides.

But the price of peace is sometimes the tolerance of evil. We may wish to avoid conflict, but there is a point beyond which we cannot retreat. For a long time, good people have been retreating and evil has been advancing, so that now we find ourselves with our backs to the sea. We have no place left to go. We must fight or we must surrender. And surrender means the loss of our soul.

The hysteria of the Left evoked by the nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is about one thing: killing babies. The senators and Democrat partisans who are screaming in front of the TV cameras about how lives will be lost if Kavanaugh is confirmed mean precisely the opposite of what they are saying: they fear lives may not be lost. They fear the return of a moral sanity that sees the killing of babies as wrong, as murder. And they want babies to continue to be killed, with legal protection, even with the government, meaning you and me as taxpayers, being forced to pay for it.

Let’s be graphically clear about this: Democrats want to protect murderers who hack the bodies, crush the skulls or scald the skin off the unborn. They have inverted morality so that anyone who says killing babies is wrong must be regarded as evil, as hating women and endangering their lives. Kavanaugh is being cast, on no evidence, as a sexual predator, a would-be rapist and murderer, by people trying to protect and perpetuate the slaughter of the innocents.

Having worked in a newsroom much of my life, one thing that became obvious to me was that support for “abortion rights,” as they are called by the media, was the shibboleth that had to be pronounced for one to be accepted socially and, in some respects, promoted professionally. No news organization that I know of would appoint a known pro-life person to write editorials or manage news coverage. A position lower down in the ranks might be held by someone so eccentric and benighted as to call abortion murder, but one can only ascend to the upper stratosphere by holding the correct views. And being pro-abortion (a term forbidden by the Associated Press) is universally regarded as a prime indicator that a person is of sound mind and to be trusted with selecting and presenting news and opinions in the proper way.

The fact is that not only in the news media, but in the world of politics, a genuinely pro-life person cannot be found in positions of power. Some may say they are pro-life, but they usually allow exceptions: you can kill an unborn child if it is conceived through rape or incest. The allowance of such exceptions reveals a fundamental failure to grasp the fact that the only reason to oppose abortion is that it is murder, under any circumstances.

If the foundation of an argument is flawed, it will not be able to stand under the weight of constant assault. This is why, perhaps, those Republican politicians who say they are pro-life don’t make a great point of it. It is treated as one among a number of issues that concern them. There is this to be said for the clarity of the Left: its adherents realize that ABORTION IS THE ISSUE.

We either believe that we ought to be allowed to kill babies, or that we should not be allowed to kill babies. Depending upon which position we take, all else in our life will follow. For in making this decision we will have placed our self either under God or in the place of God. We will have acknowledged either that we are created and under obligation to our Creator, or that we are mere accidents of the cosmos, free to shape life in any way we choose, so long as we don’t frighten the horses, so to speak.

A great divide has grown in the West: on the one side are the baby killers; on the other, the true pro-lifers. There is no bridging this divide. There is no place to meet in the middle.

For a long time, many pro-lifers have been rather reticent, one might say almost pro forma, in their opposition to the baby killers, while the baby killers have been loud and constant in their denunciation of the pro-lifers. Pope Francis, a committed Leftist, has tried to move the abortion issue to the sidelines, even chastising those who are zealous in the pro-life cause as being “obsessive.” There are, according to the Pope, more important public issues to occupy our attention.

But the Pope is lying. There are no issues in the public domain more important than whether we should be baby-killers! Nor can abortion be conflated with other things. Welcoming Muslim immigrants into the West is NOT a pro-life issue! Keeping convicted murderers from the gallows or the gas chamber is NOT a pro-life issue. KILLING BABIES IS THE PRO-LIFE ISSUE! No dismissive or evasive rhetoric from Pope or cardinal or bishop can change this fact. No low-keyed and lukewarm opposition to abortion from the hierarchy can make killing babies a peripheral matter.

The mutilated corpses of innocent children are lying in front of us. We cannot step over them and talk instead about there being too much plastic debris in the oceans or how best to make Muslims feel at home in the once-Christian nations they are invading. The practical indifference of the Pope, the hierarchy, the politicians and all who accept or tolerate baby-killing as part of the status quo must be seen for what it is: monstrously evil!

The campaign against Kavanaugh is the battle cry of the baby-killers: oppose us and we will destroy you! Your reputation, your family, your profession, your future will be ruined! Who will be willing to risk all for truth and life? We are about to find out. On which side of the great divide do we stand? Are we willing to suffer whatever hell can rain down upon us?

We may not face a Senate full of demons and cowards and a press cabal slavering for our blood, but we may have to face our own neighbors and co-workers and family and speak the truth, even if those we love should disown us or abuse us.

The chief characteristic of satan is rage. He will not suffer opposition. He must reign and, in the words John Milton put into the mouth of the fallen Lucifer (in Paradise Lost), “Better to reign in hell than serve in Heaven.” Demonic rage is all around us today. Rationality is rare in public discourse. Charity has dried up. Anger, hatred and calumny abound.

On the eve of His arrest and execution, Our Lord gave us His great commandment. Again and again He tells His disciples, “Love one another as I have loved you.” If we do this, Our Lord says He will be in us, and we in Him and that the Father will love us with the same love with which He loves His Son. Such love overwhelms us. It is beyond our understanding, but not beyond our belief, for He Who is all truth promises it to us.

And Our Lord goes further. He describes the look of this love. Its greatest manifestation is in one who lays down his life for those he loves. There is no holding back, no playing it safe, no half-measures allowed. This love is total. We must be ready to give our all as Our Lord gave His all.

Our Lord also said that the hour had come when the world would hate us as it hated Him; when those who kill us would think they were doing good. That hour is upon us now in a marked way. But Our Lord also told us to have no fear, no matter what the world may do to us, for He had overcome the world.

Now is the time to stand fast in the truth. Now is the time to stand against liars and murderers, no matter who they are or claim to be. We must all do it in our own circumstances, trusting Our Lord’s promise, living in the certainty of His love. All will be well, so long as we rest in the Heart of our Brother, the Son of our Father, the Light of our Life and all Life.