Canada’s National March for Life 2023

On Thursday, May 11, join thousands of pro-life champions, along with Fatima Center staff and volunteers and the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Canada, to STAND FIRM for life and unite in procession at Canada’s annual National March for Life in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, Ontario.

10 A.M.:  The Pilgrim Virgin Statue will be at the Traditional Mass to be held at St. Clement’s Parish, 528 Old St. Patrick’s Street, Ottawa

12:30 – 1:30 P.M.: Pro-Life Rally on Parliament Hill

1:30 P.M.: The Pilgrim Virgin Statue will be carried in the March for Life through downtown Ottawa by the students of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy from New Hamburg, Ontario. Priests from the school will lead us in the Holy Rosary and the singing of hymns in Our Lady’s honor.

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The Fatima Center’s National Pilgrim Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima continues to be a focal point of the annual March for Life, which the Apostolate has been participating in since 2018.

The beautiful statue’s prominent presence at these well-attended events is most fitting, given the indispensable role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the unassailable necessity of Her Fatima Message in the present battle for marriage and the family in Canada and throughout the world.

We sadly recall that the first nation to legalize abortion was Bolshevik Russia in 1920, as a key element in Marxist strategy is the destruction of morals and the family. Since then, abortion as a legal activity has spread to nearly every nation. Thousands of million innocent babies have been murdered in their mother’s womb. Clearly this is a grave error of Russia that spread all over the world, as Our Lady of Fatima warned. Today, various groups are even calling abortion a “religious rite.” Its overt nature as a satanic offering is more clearly manifest than ever before.

The March for Life also stands firm against euthanasia, a growing problem in Canada. According to a LifeSiteNews article (January 26, 2017): “A pair of Canadian researchers have published a cost-benefit analysis predicting that euthanasia and assisted suicide will save Canadian taxpayers as much as $139 million a year.” Such a study provides the government with an incentive to create a new type of social pressure so the elderly will believe they have a ‘public duty’ to die to save the health system. Euthanasia and assisting someone to commit suicide are murder. No Catholic may contemplate or participate in either of these grievous sins.

Related to euthanasia, protect yourself from becoming a victim of the murderous “organ donation” industry through the fallacy of “brain death” diagnoses, by obtaining a copy of The Fatima Center’s beautiful and unique Medical Card (available from our online shop). This card instructs emergency medical personnel to (among other things) provide treatment and care that preserves your life and does not hasten your death, thus ensuring that your emergency treatment directives are known and enforced, and that you are protected from those who would want to hasten your death.

The war for life is far from over – with federal officials in both the United States and Canada working to codify abortion and euthanasia as legal and inalienable “rights.”

The legalization of abortion and euthanasia is a grave public affront to Christ the King, through Whom all life was created. Such legal fictions defy the Divine Law and are public crimes in themselves. Thus, we must give public witness in opposition to – and make public reparation for – this outrage!

Through the powerful intercession of Her Immaculate Heart,
we pray that the world be freed from the satanic rite of abortion.

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