“Brain-Death” Is a Legal Fiction Enabling Murder by Mutilation

The devil was a liar and a murderer from the beginning (Jn. 8:44). He seeks continually to destroy us, body and soul. As a punishment for the sins of the world (and since Our Lady of Fatima’s requests have gone unheeded for so long), God has allowed the devil to reduce society in our sad times to a hellish quagmire. We are now surrounded by the most insidious dangers to both mind and body in what Pope John Paul II called a Culture of Death. Therefore, just as we must be vigilant against being deceived by the many diabolic lies which underpin modern society, we must take all reasonable precautions against being murdered by those who have been thus deceived. Allow me to explain.

Death is the separation of the soul from the body. It is a deeply mysterious reality, hidden from our perception. We cannot know the moment of a person’s death. That is why the Church allows priests to administer Sacraments to a person up to several hours after apparent death. As death approaches, the body’s ability to evince the soul’s presence may be so reduced that no sign of life can be detected – but if the soul is still present, God’s sacred gift of life has not yet come to its natural end, and it must not be violated.

Case in point: Let us take an imaginary trip to the basement of your local hospital. Yes, to the morgue. The bodies of the dead here look very different than they will be made to appear for the mourners at the funeral home. And of course they differ demonstrably in many ways from all living bodies, even of the brain-trauma victims in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

 I will omit describing the characteristics of the truly dead bodies before us, but I invite you to consider those well-known characteristics. Consider also, please, a fact that should be obvious even to those of us who are not professionals in the medical field: A mere ventilator cannot bridge the great chasm between life and death, or even blur the distinction between the two.

God help us to see through the lies from hell that have so deeply infected and poisoned today’s society! I ask you to consider what we would see if one of these truly dead bodies were taken back upstairs and put on a life-support system alongside the living bodies in that ICU.

It is a most unpleasant thought, but let us imagine that a ventilator is applied to a corpse, moving breathable air into and out of the lungs. A mechanical chest-compression system is employed to create blood flow. Fluids and nutrients are supplied intravenously. What would be the effect of all this? Obviously, this grotesque charade would not mask the fact that the body is a corpse. There would be no comparison to the measurable bodily functions exhibited in the actually living patients in that ICU, even if they have been deceptively labeled “brain-dead”!

The flow of blood and the presence of oxygen in the corpse’s lungs cannot produce the physiological action of respiration. But a “brain-dead” patient’s body is continuously exchanging gases and producing energy by oxidizing and metabolizing nutrients. It is producing urine and generating body heat. It continues to exhibit the whole range of normal vital signs. None of these functions would be found in a truly dead body.

If, tragically, the corpse under consideration were that of a pregnant woman, these life-support devices could never enable it to continue to nurture the life of the baby in the womb – for months on end! – and then to go through the natural processes of giving birth to the child. But this has been done in multiple cases of “brain death.”

Obviously, “brain-dead” patients are living patients. Their lives are actually being preserved by the intervention they are receiving. Those life-support systems are not just keeping their bodies fresh – they are keeping them alive.

Dr. Paul Byrne (whom many of The Fatima Center’s supporters will remember from our 2013 Fatima Peace Conference held in Niagara Falls) describes the physiological condition of a brain-trauma patient on life support:

“The intact respiratory system is manifest through the normal color of the skin. The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide can be verified by determining blood gasses (pH, pCO2, and pO2). The intact interdependence of circulatory and respiratory systems can be readily observed by applying pressure to the skin, resulting in blanching, which will be followed by return of normal color within a few seconds after removal of the pressure. Through more sophisticated means, an intact endocrine system (pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal hormone production) can be demonstrated. An intact functioning liver can be documented through laboratory tests.”

My dear friends in Jesus Christ, do not be deceived. “Brain-Death” is not true death. “Brain-Death” is a murderous legal fiction created to make possible in Western countries the multi-billion dollar industry of organ transplantation. The donor-victims of this horrendous lie die under the knife – with no anesthetic. The cause of their actual death is mutilation, the excision of their vital organs. Dr. Byrne continues:

“It has been reported that when the incision is made to take the organs, there is an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Could this occur if the person were dead? The answer is no.”


– Watch “Killing for Organs: When Are We Alive or Dead” by Dr. Paul Byrne from the Fatima Path to Peace Conference (Niagara Falls, 2013).

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– Watch the “Killing for Organs Interview of Dr. Paul Byrne” by host Kevin Dias.

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