Are your kids being taught gender ideology… even if they go to a “Catholic” school?

One of the poisoned fruits of Vatican II is that nowadays there are very few truly Catholic schools. In “Why such empty pews?”, the Catholic Journal presented some statistics showing that America’s Catholic schools are closing at a rapid rate.

At their peak in the mid-60s, more than 13,000 Catholic elementary and secondary schools enrolled 12% of U.S. school children. But by 2012, fewer than 7000 Catholic schools enrolled about two million — only 5% of school-aged American kids.

One reason for the decline is that there are almost no religious teachers. Sister Mary Discipline is long gone. From a peak of over 100,000 sisters in the 60s, the number of nuns working in our schools had fallen by 2010 to about 6500 — less than one per Catholic school.

As for the priests who used to come in to explain the Mysteries of the Faith, there aren’t enough priests in the mainstream Church to keep parish churches fully staffed, never mind the schools. Most schools don’t have a chaplain, and are lucky to find a priest to come in and say Mass once or twice a year.

In our so-called “Catholic” schools, most of our kids’ teachers are laypeople. In some jurisdictions they needn’t even be Catholic, because to ask that someone be a practising Catholic to teach in a Catholic school would be discrimination!

Laypeople are employed to teach things like “Religious Education”. That’s not the Catholic “RK” of yesteryear, but something like “Great Religions of the World”, since (as the post-Vatican II popes keep telling us), we all worship the same God, and one religion is as good as another. (That’s the heresy of indifferentism — yet another of the errors of Russia Our Lady of Fatima warned us about.)

Another thing those laypeople may be teaching your kids is “sex education” —something that should be taught in the home! In most Canadian provinces and nearly half of the states, some sort of “sex ed” is mandated by law for any school which receives any type of public funding — including Catholic schools.

Dear parents, be warned! Don’t think that modern sex education is just birds-and-bees stuff that the kids are going to pick up in the schoolyard or in the street anyway. Some of what’s being “taught” (read: pushed on the kids), is pure evil — contrary to Catholic teaching and objectively sinful.

“Like what?”, I hear you ask. How about masturbation? How about anal sex? Those things (and more!) are included in the sex-education curriculum introduced in Ontario schools last fall by the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne, a proud lesbian. The new curriculum was developed by a team of “educators” including a convicted pedophile, Dr. Bernard Levin. See “Ontario sex ed curriculum called ‘bad for Catholic kids, bad for all kids’”, by Walt Whiteman, Sept. 2015.

How about “gender ideology” that tells the kids they don’t have to stay male or female, as God created them, if they don’t “feel comfortable with it”? The message is: You can be whatever you want to be (gender-wise), and do whatever you want to do (sex-wise). It’s just like the hippy-dippy 60s when the byword was, “If it feels good, do it!”

In February, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, warned schools not to encourage children to change sex. Schoolchildren, he said, must accept the gender into which they were born if they are to be truly happy.

The prelate rejected the gender ideology being imposed upon schools and other public institutions, which gives rise to things like sharing restrooms, changing rooms and other facilities. He told a meeting of Catholic school leaders that children were not “single, self-determining individuals” but members of a great family with “firm points of reference” determined by birth.

Cardinal Nichols appealed to a “common sense of humanity” as an antidote to the rampant individualism that drives emerging ideologies. Common sense, he said, is the “foundation for much of Catholic moral teaching in areas of friendship, relationship, family life, human sexuality”.

Sister Lucia warned that “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family… [A]nyone who works for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be fought and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue.” Click here to read “The First Ever Vatican-Approved ‘Sex-Ed’ Curriculum”,  in “Has the Vatican Surrendered to the Sexual Revolution?”, by Christopher Ferrara, in The Fatima Crusader, Issue 117.


Recommended action: Ontario parents opposed to the Liberal government’s evil sex-education curriculum should consider joining Parents As First Educators, organizers of the protest shown in the photo. Readers in other provinces and states should look for similar organizations to support. If you can’t find one, start one! PAFE will help you!