Coronavirus in Italy

Anatomy of a Mass Psychosis: As the Virus Wanes, the Insanity Waxes

Even as deaths and hospitalizations attributed to the Wuhan Virus decline to near-zero throughout the world, the politically expedient panic — a sure vehicle for amassing political power — steadily rises to the level of permanent insanity. Naturally, the “leaders” of the mainstream Catholic hierarchy are only too happy to cooperate with corrupt politicians in maintaining the viral mania long after the virus has ceased to pose any real threat to the general population.

Thus, we learn here that in the Archdiocese of Vienna, presided over by Cardinal Schönborn, a “handicapped pensioner was taken away by the police in St. Stephen’s Cathedral on May 17” for the offense of refusing to wear a mask “in the largely empty cathedral and at a great distance from others…”. The poor woman dared to stand up to the newly emergent Cult of the Mask, which now takes precedence over any other cult, including the divinely established cult of the Catholic religion, whose beating heart is found in every tabernacle of every church, including even Schönborn’s cathedral.

The woman had rightly refused to don a useless mask (see studies collated here) because, as she put it, “I want to pray to my Heavenly Father without a mask, there is a right to freedom of religion.” Confronted with this dissenter from the Cult of the Mask, the supervisor of the cathedral, whose first loyalty is to the Mask, not the Faith, called the police, who escorted her out of the church as she exclaimed: “Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Church, what are the police doing here, it is like Communism!”

But the police did more than simply escort her outside. They took her into custody for four hours during which they deliberated admitting her to a psychiatric ward — evidently blissfully unaware that they are the insane ones, the lunatics who are running an asylum. They finally let the woman go with a fine of € 120 for the offense of “disturbing the religious peace.” Not the religion of Catholicism, mind you, but the religion of the paramount Cult of the Mask.

Undaunted, the woman has vowed to appeal the fine because “she is not a dog who needs a mask” and “for medical reasons she was not allowed to wear a mask after a pulmonary embolism.” Meanwhile, three policemen later appeared at her home “to question her again,” following which she was again questioned at the police station. “I am a free citizen who insists on her human rights and does not have to follow dictatorial laws,” she is quoted as saying. “Politics overrides the law here,” she continued. “But there are no longer any laws, now Corona is the law.”

Turned over to the authorities by a fellow Catholic for refusing to wear a mask. A mask that is nothing but a sign of submission to a dictatorship erected overnight on the pretext of “limiting the spread” of a virus whose spread could never really be limited — and certainly not limited by a token piece of cloth over one’s face in a near-deserted cathedral.

Never, absolutely never, has the world seen a mass psychosis quite like this. There is indeed now no law but Corona. All rights are forfeited in defense of the Cult of the Mask. The Cult of the Mask betokens the terminal decline of the Catholic cult in the churches of an ecclesial establishment that is literally driving the people away in fear of a viral phantom whose appearance seems to make a fitting climax for the now more than half-century-long attempt by the “Church of Vatican II” to extinguish its own existence.

Perhaps, in the end, this will be a blessing in the inscrutable design of Providence. For as Saint Paul prophesied, “the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and of our gathering together unto him” will not happen “unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition” (2 Thess 2:1-3).

And perhaps the man of sin will be wearing a mask.