Abandon Christ’s True Church? Why??

What is this talk that I am hearing of, about people wanting to leave the Church?

Certainly we are all disappointed and scandalized by the homosexual/pedophilia crisis – and rightfully so. That what started as a trickle a few decades ago has become a flood is horrifying, absolutely. That we have the right to be angry, there is no question!

But angry with Whom? To abandon Christ’s one true Church, the Catholic Church, is to abandon Christ Himself! Why would we do that? What has He done to be treated so horribly by those who owe Him everything?

If we are angry and offended, think then how much more offended Our Lord Himself has the right to be? How much more, His just anger!

That we would turn our back on our Savior simply because of weak men led astray and engaging in perverted behavior, makes absolutely no sense and shows an incredible lack of faith!

The Cardinals, bishops and priests who have brought such scandal within the Church have not only caused injury directly and indirectly to the Catholic faithful, but much worse, they have grievously offended their own Creator, Almighty God.

Such talk of leaving the Church because of these scandals, because of this crisis, is precisely what Luther did, albeit for much lesser problems at the time.

That evil is rampant within the Church, there is no doubt. Our Lord sent His Mother to warn us of this coming time more than 100 years ago, when She appeared at Fatima. To those who are truly familiar with the Message of Fatima, these scandals should be no surprise.

And until the requests made by Our Lord through His Mother at Fatima are heeded, we can expect it to continue to get worse.

There is never a valid reason for abandoning our Catholic Faith. We can exercise our God-given free will and do so, but it simply is not an option for anyone desiring eternal salvation. For outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. 

If one thinks one can follow Christ in another belief system it simply isn’t possible. He came to show us the one way and it is within the Catholic Church. As Saint Paul says, “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism”.

As Confirmed Catholics, we have an obligation to defend the rights of Christ the King and His one true Church – to the pope, the bishops, the priests, the world!

In battle, the soldier that abandons his post and turns his back on his country because things aren’t going well is accused of desertion.

The gauntlet’s been thrown down.

The soldier is expected to stay in the battle and do all he can (for the right reasons) to protect his country, and not abandon it (and his fellow soldiers) when the going gets tough.

We are engaged in the biggest, most important battle of all – the battle against satan and his henchmen for the salvation of souls. There is no greater battle, and there is no more difficult a battle, than that.

If we abandon our post as Catholics, then we are abandoning Our Lord and His Church, Our Lady, the Angels and Saints, and our fellow Catholics who stand fast in the Faith, and we abandon billions of souls.  

Let us not go the way of weak men, such as Luther, who abandon the right course and then subsequently lead millions astray. [LF359A, THE TRUTH ABOUT LUTHERANISM] Don’t let the evildoers and the weak men within the Church win this battle! We are talking about the souls of our families, our friends and their families, and all whom we hold dear.

Stand Fast! Satan has thrown down the gauntlet. Let us engage in this battle under the standard of the Cross of Christ, and utilizing Our Lady’s weapons – the Brown Scapular and the Rosary – let us drive the enemy out!