54-day Rosary Novena: Day 9 -Glorious in Petition
Our Lord descending into Limbo and freeing souls

The Sanctification of Our Actions – Thirtieth Day of August

The Sanctification of Our Actions.
“He hath done all things well.” — St. Matt. 7:37.


Certain souls there are who err greatly when they imagine they cannot preserve interior repose and peace of soul in the midst of occupations and difficulties. There can be no movement greater than that of a vessel out at sea; nevertheless, those within her do not cease to rest and to sleep, and the needle in the compass remains always in its natural position, turned towards the pole. The great point, in order not to lose our peace, is to endeavor to keep the needle of our will towards the pole, which is the good pleasure of God. — St. Francis of Sales.

Does it not seem that the numerous duties and occupations of St. Vincent de Paul would have overwhelmed him and kept his mind continually distracted? He was the counsellor and confessor of the Queen; he had the government of his congregation, and of several communities; he presided at most of the assemblies of charities; he was the soul of the ecclesiastical conferences which were often held; all unfortunates addressed themselves to him as to their father. Notwithstanding this continual ebb and flow of persons whom he saw, and affairs which he settled, he was always recollected, always master of himself, showing always an equanimity of mind, his heart always in peace, as if he had but one matter to attend, and that of little consequence.


My God, I desire to please Thee alone; my pleasure is Thy good pleasure. What is there that can give me anxiety, make me lose my peace of soul, prevent me from being recollected, or make me discontented?

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