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Our Lord descending into Limbo and freeing souls

The Sanctification of Our Actions – Sixteenth Day of August

The Sanctification of Our Actions.
“He hath done all things well.” — St. Matt. 7:37.


Do not fear that those occupations which come under the rule of obedience, no matter how great or how multiplied they may be, can be a hindrance to union with God. If they are performed in the presence of God and for His glory, on the contrary, they unite one more intimately with God; for how can that which unites our will with God’s keep us afar from Him? — St. Francis of Sales.

Exterior occupations were not for St. Magdalene of Pazzi an obstacle to recollection; they were not even a cause of distraction. “It is the same to me.” She said one day, “whether I am ordered to go to pray with my Sisters in the choir or to do some manual labor. Oftentimes I have found more of God in work than in prayer.”

A Brother who was cook in a convent of Franciscans was in the habit, when his work was finished, to retire to pray. Our Lord then inundated his soul with most delicious consolations. At last, in order to continually enjoy this great happiness, he asked his Superior to relieve him of his employment, and Our Lord made him understand, as before, how sweet He is to those whose nourishment is the accomplishment of His will.


My God, grant that all my actions may unite me more intimately with Thee. I will do all in Thy presence, for Thy glory and love.

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