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St. Josaphat – Bishop, Martyr

St. Josaphat was a monk of the Order of St. Basil, and afterward Archbishop of Polotsk, in Poland. His labors for the union of the Ruthnian Church with that of Rome are almost incredible. After a youth of singular innocence mortified by voluntary peanace, Josophat, remembering the powerful support lent to the orthodox cause by the monastic orders, entered religion, and with the help of Velamin Rutski, devoted himself to the restoration of the rule of St. Basil.
As Superior of a monastery the saint had succeed in keeping his disciples free from any schismatic taint: so, too, as metropolitan he devoted himself to the conquest of error with ardent and enlightened charity. He gave to all the example of a holy life, and labored for souls by preaching, by teaching the catechism, and by the distribution of controversial works. As a result of his zeal many schematics were reconciled to the Catholic Church. His opponents at last resolved to take his life, and he suffered martyrdom at their hands with great courage and serenity at the age of forty-three years.

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