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Simplicity – Thirtieth Day of July

“Be simple as doves.” — St. Matt. 10:16.


The virtue of simplicity, which all love in others, is very useful to those who are destined to instruct their neighbor. They should continually labor to divest themselves of self, and to clothe themselves in Jesus Christ. If they are not animated with the spirit of Jesus Christ, what can they do? They will teach rather the semblance of virtue than the substance. — St. Vincent do Paul.

This saint endeavored constantly to divest himself of self, and to invest himself with Jesus Christ. He sought to conform himself to Him, not only in his exterior, in his manner, but still more in all his interior dispositions, in his desires, his maxims, and his intentions. He desired nothing but what Jesus Christ desired; that is, that God be known, loved, and glorified, and that His holy will be perfectly accomplished in him.

A holy priest said often to himself, in order to animate himself to imitate Our Saviour: “I ought to be another Jesus Christ; am I another Jesus Christ?”


My adorable Saviour, teach me not to belong to myself, but to Thee. Grant that I be animated by Thy spirit. I desire to be like Thee in disposition, desires, intentions.

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