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Simplicity – Tenth Day of July

“Be simple as doves.” — St. Matt. 10:16.


If it happens that you say or do something which is not well received by all, you should not for this reason reflect much upon it, because it is beyond a doubt that it is self-love which makes up seek to be approved in what we say or do. Simplicity abandons to Providence the success of actions done for Him. — St. Francis of Sales.

This holy prelate never desired to learn whether he was blamed or praised for that which he thought it his duty to do or to say. Learning one day that certain persons disapproved of one of his actions, he replied, without seeming at all troubled: “I ought not to be surprised at what you tell me, since the works of Jesus Christ were not approved by all; even today there are many who find fault with them.”


My God, do not permit me to listen to self-love, which desires to be praised in all it does and says. I am jealous only of Thy approbation, as I desire to please Thee alone. I offer Thee all my actions; I will perform them for love of Thee, and then abandon them to Thy providence.

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