54-day Rosary Novena: Day 21 - Glorious in Petition
St. Francis de Sales

Simplicity – Eighteenth Day of July

“Be simple as doves.” — St. Matt. 10:16.


God makes known His will to those who ask Him in simplicity. Let him who has a state of life to choose, or who would desire to know what he should do for the sanctification of his soul, renounce, first, all natural inclination, and place himself generously in the hands of God, firmly resolved to obey Him. Let him then weigh the pro and con, meditating on some truths of Scripture, drawing the consequences which are the result, and applying them to the end for which God has created us. If he still doubts what part he should take, let him suppose himself on his death-bed, or at the last judgment, and then determine to do what he would wish then to have done. — St. Ignatius Loyola.

St. Vincent de Paul having been consulted by an advocate whether it would be well for him to expatriate himself in order to take a position away from France, which would bring him much distinction, saying he was determined to follow the saint’s advice, St. Vincent asked for time to recommend the matter to God. The next day he told him: “During Mass I offered to God your petition, and begged of Our Lord, after the consecration, to enlighten me. I afterwards considered what I would counsel you if it was the moment of my death. It seemed to me that if I were to die at that instant, I would be satisfied if I had persuaded you from going. This, then, is my advice.”

A poor beggar, badly clothed, begged alms of a pious lady. She said to her servant: “Give him a shirt.” The servant gave the worst he could find. “Give him a better one,” said the lady. “What confusion would I not feel on the day of judgment, if Jesus Christ were to show to the whole world the garment you would give!”


My God, I will do nothing that Thou forbiddest. I will do all that Thou requires, all that Thou desirest of me. I will often say to myself, Would you do this if you were soon to appear before the tribunal of God?

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