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Sanctification of Our Actions – Twenty-Ninth Day of August

The Sanctification of Our Actions.

“He hath done all things well.” — St. Matt. 7:37.


One of the great artifices which the demon makes use of to discourage us and induce us to abandon the service of God is to represent to us the extreme difficulty, the impossibility even, of observing faithfully and during many years the law of God, of being continually tempted and never to yield to temptation. A very good means to assist us in not being overcome by this reflection is to think that we have but one day to live, that at the end of this day we must render an account of all our works, and that this day suffices to obtain mercy if it be employed in a holy manner. — Rodriguez.

St. Jerome frequently imagined he heard the trumpet sound which was to call the dead before the dreadful tribunal of Jesus Christ. This thought animated him to resist the attacks of the spirit of impurity by which he was often assailed.

“I am already on the borders of eternity; it is on the fidelity with which I will serve my God during this day that my eternal happiness depends. Shall I hesitate to serve Him as perfectly as I am able?” said another saint at the commencement of each day.

“God has given me another day in which to love Him. How good He is in my regard! How ungrateful would I be did I not do all to please Him during this day!” said St Francis of Sales each day.


O my God, how good Thou art to give me another day of life during which I can obtain grace and enrich myself for heaven!

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