Live Our Lady of Fatima's Five Point Plan

Prayer – Twenty-Seventh Day of September


“We ought always to pray.” — St. Luke 18.1.


If we walk one year continually in the presence of God, at the end of that year we will find ourselves at the summit of perfection. — St. Teresa.

A holy abbot gave this advice to one of his disciples: “My son, try not to lose sight of God. Think that He is with you every moment, that He regards you. This is the means of all means to arrive soon at perfection. The Lord Himself taught this way to Abraham, in saying to him: ‘Walk before Me and be perfect.’” The young man, being convinced of the excellence of this advice, put it in practice and became a model of sanctity.

St. Joseph Labre had always a lively sentiment of the presence of God. It might easily be perceived in all places and at all times, by the modesty of his looks, the sanctity which shone in his countenance, that he was occupied with God alone. A priest sending him with a letter to a monastery said: “I have sent to these religious a saint who spends all his life in prayer.”


My God, let me walk in Thy presence continually; let me never lose sight of Thee; let me think of Thee every moment. Grant that this continual remembrance of Thee may fill me with love for Thee.

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