54-day Rosary Novena: Day 9 -Glorious in Petition
“The Power of Prayer” by David Mueller

Prayer – Twentieth Day of September


“We ought always to pray.” — St. Luke 18.1.


Image to yourself while at prayer that you are loaded with injuries, that all kind of adversity has befallen you; prepare then your heart to pardon all those who have arisen against you, and to bear patiently with all things, in imitation of Jesus Christ. By this means we make great progress in the way of perfection. — St. Philip Neri.

St. Ignatius, being confined to his bed for a time through illness, began to reflect seriously if anything could happen that might be capable of disturbing his peace. Having considered a long time, and passed in review all sorts of adversities, he discovered but one thing that might afflict him and take away from him his peace of soul; it was the destruction of the society of which he was the founder. Having meditated several times upon this subject, he felt that if the Lord sent him this cross, it would require but a quarter of an hour of prayer for him to recover his tranquility, supposing that he had lost it upon receiving the news.


O my God, Thou hast been crucified for me. I am ready to be crucified for Thee. What cross wilt Thou give me? I am ready. I will not complain; I will bless Thee and thank Thee.

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