54-day Rosary Novena: Day 11 - Sorrowful in Petition
“The Power of Prayer” by David Mueller

Prayer – Third Day of September


“We ought always to pray.” — St. Luke 18.1.


Souls who neglect the exercise of prayer are like a paralyzed and crippled body, which has hands and feet but does not make use of them. Accordingly, I think it is leaving the true path to abandon the salutary exercise of prayer. Prayer is the door through which Our Saviour passes to us His graces. If this door be closed, what will become of us? — St. Teresa.

“I have had a sad experience of this,” said the saint. “Having abandoned prayer for some time, I began to fall into many faults and sins, although they were not of great magnitude. I became every day less Christian, and I would have been infallibly lost, as Our Saviour made me understand, if I had not returned to the salutary exercise of prayer.”


My God, give me esteem and love for prayer. I will be faithful to it. Do not permit me to neglect so salutary an exercise.

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