54-day Rosary Novena: Day 9 -Glorious in Petition
“The Power of Prayer” by David Mueller

Prayer – Sixteenth Day of September


“We ought always to pray.” — St. Luke 18.1.


Disengage yourself a little from all your cares, and take some time to think of God and rest in Him. Enter into the closet of your heart, banish all else from it, reserving it for your Creator or whatever will help you to find Him. Close then the door and say to Him: “Lord, I desire that Thy will be done; teach me to know and to accomplish it.” — St. Augustine.

St. Francis of Sales gave to the interior of his soul the name of sanctuary of God, where nothing dwelt but his soul and God. This was the place of his retreat and rest. Hence his great purity, his admirable simplicity, his profound humility, and his continual union with God.

When St. Bernard prayed, or entered the holy temple, he said: “Depart from me, vain thoughts, terrestrial affections, and thou, O my soul, enter into the judgment of the Saviour.”


My God, I consecrate to Thee my heart. Make it Thy temple, Thy sanctuary. May I dwell in it always, there it adore Thee without ceasing.

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