St. Monica

Patience – Twenty-First Day of April


He that does not take up his cross and follow Me, is not worth of Me.” — St. Matt. 10:38.


He has not true patience who will suffer only as much as he pleases and from whom he pleases. The man who is truly patient considers not the length of his sufferings, their quality, nor the person from whom he receives them. — Thomas à Kempis.

A pious lady, desirous of laboring more earnestly for her sanctification, begged of St. John Chrysostom to instruct her in what she must do. The saint advised her, among other things, to take into her house an aged or infirm person, to take great care of her for the love of God, bearing patiently anything she might have to suffer in exercising this charity. She took a poor widow, and cared for her. This poor woman had a heart full of gratitude, and never ceased thanking the lady for her kindness, thereby distressing her, as she had then nothing to suffer in performing her work of charity. She therefore complained of this to the saint. He said: “I will send you another, in whom you will find occasions to exercise your patience.” It was an old woman who was most ungrateful, who thought that all that was done for her was nothing, who complained unceasingly, who ever repaid the kindness shown her with injuries and abuse. The lady bore these indignities with heroic patience, and thanked St. John, saying: “”You have given me exactly what I needed.”


My God, I consent to suffer as long as Thou wilt, all that Thou wilt, and from whom Thou wilt. Give me these dispositions; deign to strengthen and keep them in my heart.

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