St. Monica

Patience – Fourth Day of April


He that does not take up his cross and follow Me, is not worth of Me.” — St. Matt. 10:38.


The road to heaven is narrow. He who would walk therein with ease must divest himself of all things and lean upon the cross for support; – that is, he must be resolved to suffer all things for the love of God. — St. John of the Cross.

Venerable Tauler tells of a great servant of God who, fearing that the great consolations he received on earth would be an obstacle to the obtaining of the delights of heaven, begged of Our Lord to deliver him from them. His prayer was heard, and during five years he was left without the least spiritual consolation. Having then tasted of the sweets with which Our Saviour inundated his soul, he said: “I desire no consolations in this world; I would that only Thou, O my Love, wouldst enter my heart. It suffices for me on earth that Thy holy will be accomplished in me.”


My God, I acknowledge the necessity there is for me to suffer by mortification when I have no tribulations to suffer. I firmly believe the road to heaven is narrow. Grant that I may desire to live and die upon the cross for Thy love.

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