St. Francis of Assisi

Obedience – Twenty-Seventh Day of June


He who would be a good religious should regard himself as the servant of the monastery. He will not choose the burden he must carry, he will not go by the way he chooses, but will accommodate himself to every one’s wishes. He walks or stops at the will of the one who conducts him; he works during the day, even at night if it be required of him. He carries the burden laid upon his back without saying, Why is it, or it is too much or too little. — Abbot Nesteran.

Such was the excellent resolution this holy abbot made when he entered upon a religious life; he accordingly made rapid progress in the virtues of his state of life, and became in a short time a perfect religious. “I am here but for the purpose of obeying and serving others. I desire but that,” said another religious.

It is by this path that St. Felix, the Capuchin, arrived at so high a degree of sanctity that he has a place upon our altars.


My God, I am here to obey, to serve others. I wish to obey all, to be the servant of all, to be agreeable in Thy eyes.

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