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St. Francis of Assisi

Obedience – Twenty-Second Day of June


When the Superior orders a thing, it is not he who speaks, it is God. The Superior is but a trumpet through which the voice of God passes. This is the key of obedience; this is the reason why those who work for perfection obey in all things so promptly, making no difference between one Superior or another, obeying in the same manner the lowest in charge the same as the highest, those who are imperfect as well as the perfect. They pay no attention to the qualities nor the person of the Superior, but to God alone, Who is always and at all times the same, equally worthy of our submission, on account of His perfections and his authority, which never change. — Rodriguez.

St. Louis Gonzaga he said never remembered having transgressed in a single point the orders of his Superior.

St. Teresa, who sometimes had confessors who were not very enlightened nor wise, obeyed them as exactly as if they were most gifted and learned. She often said that when a confessor commanded a thing which was not a sin, one should always obey without examining into the reasons which required the command.


My God, grant that I may regard my Superiors as the organ through which Thou makest known Thy commands, and that I may obey, on account of Thy perfections, which are infinite, and Thy authority, which is sovereign.

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