St. Francis of Assisi

Obedience – Twenty-Eighth Day of June


He who has promised obedience allows himself to be governed by Divine Providence, through the Superior whose instrument he is, like one who is dead. It is a sign that one is dead not to see, not to feel, not to answer, not to complain, not to wish one thing more than another, but to permit one’s self to be carried where others will, and how they will. Examine whether your obedience is wanting in anything. — St. Ignatius.

The day upon which St. Magdalene of Pazzi received the religious habit she humbly prostrated herself at the feet of her mistress, and resigning herself entirely to her will, said: “I will be henceforth in your hands like one who is dead. Do with me as you please; I will refuse you nothing. Do not, I beseech you, fear to humble and mortify me.” The saint kept her promise; she was so dead to her own will that it might be she said possessed none.


My God, I will die to my own will; I will have none in future. My will is Thine; let me be in Thy hands as wax to which Thou canst give any form Thou pleasest.

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