54-day Rosary Novena: Day 11 - Sorrowful in Petition
St. Francis of Assisi

Obedience – Thirtieth Day of June


The predestination of religious is attached to a love of their rule, and in performing punctually what is their duty in virtue of their vocation. — St. Francis of Sales.

Among the papers of St. Bonaventure was found the following, written in his hand: “I have not entered religion to live as the others live, but to live as they ought to live, according to the spirit of the institute, and in a perfect observance of the Rule. This is why, upon entering religion, I was given the rules to read, not the lives of others. I accepted them voluntarily, and took them for the direction of the life I should lead. I ought, then, to observe them all, even if I saw no one else observe them.”

St. Francis of Sales paid the highest praise to a General of the Carthusians who was so punctual in observing the Rule that not even the newest novice could be more exact.

St. John Berchmans, being on his death-bed, asked for a book of the rules which he had so faithfully observed. When it was given to him, he clasped it lovingly and said: “Holding this book, I die with confidence and joy.”


Lord, here I am, to do thy will. What wilt Thou of me? My heart is ready. Command; Thou wilt be obeyed. With thy grace nothing will seem difficult, all will be light.

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