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St. Francis of Assisi

Obedience – Thirteenth Day of June


It is plainly evident that he who feels inclined to perform a good work yields to a temptation when it is contrary to obedience; because when God fills a heart with inspirations, the first is that of obedience. — St. Teresa.

A religious wrote to St. Francis of Sales that it was with much trouble she performed certain act she was obliged to perform through obedience, and that she was persuaded she could do them much better in another manner. The saint replied: “To wish to live according to your own will that you may better do that of God — what an illusion! Could an inclination so irregular be an inspiration from God? What a contradiction! Nobody ever saw one like it.”


O Lord, I do not wish to live according to my own will. My most delicious food shall be to accomplish Thine, which is always holy, always adorable, always amiable. It is Thou Who givest me the desire to obey in all things. Give me strength to obey constantly, to obey with joy for love of Thee.

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