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Obedience – Sixth Day of June


“All, therefore, they shall say to you, observe and do.” — St. Matt. 23:3.


The whole welfare of Christians consists in the accomplishment of the divine will; and we never execute better this will than by the practice of obedience, in which is found the destruction of self-love and the true liberty of the children of God. Hence the reason why all truly virtuous souls love so much to obey. — St. Vincent de Paul.

St. Magdalene of Pazzi had much love for obedience, because she knew this virtue preserved her from the danger of self-will. If she was attacked by a temptation, or she was sick, and was commanded to perform some duty, her face instantly became radiant with joy to have an occasion to obey.


My God, may all my actions be so many act of obedience! I will not cease to obey, that I may accomplish always Thy holy will.

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