St. Francis of Assisi

Obedience – Second Day of June


“All, therefore, they shall say to you, observe and do.” — St. Matt. 23:3.


Obedience is without doubt more meritorious than any austerity. What austerity is greater than to keep the will continually submissive and obedient? — St. Catharine of Bologna.

St. Magdalene of Pazzi, who was very mortified during the time of an illness she had, was accustomed to refuse any delicacy given her; but if they added that she was to take it through obedience, she immediately accepted it, saying only, “Blessed be God.”

St. Dositheus, who on account of his great infirmities could not practice the austerities nor follow the exercises of the community of anchorites among whom he lived, labored to sanctify himself by the practice of obedience. He made such progress in the path of perfection by this means that Our Lord made known to him that he would receive a crown in heaven like to that of the great St. Antony. If this seems astonishing, it is because we do not understand the merit of obedience.


O my God, there is no sacrifice more agreeable to Thee than that of the will. I offer Thee mine; I wish that it be always submissive.

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