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Obedience – Fifth Day of June


“All, therefore, they shall say to you, observe and do.” — St. Matt. 23:3.


It is more meritorious to pick up a straw through obedience than to preach, to fast, or to chastise the body, if in so doing we follow our own will. — Rodriguez.

St. Frances, one day whilst reciting the office of the Blessed Virgin, was interrupted many times in the same anthem by her husband calling her. Our Lord manifested in a most singular manner that her obedience was most agreeable to Him.

A holy religious, desiring to animate herself to perform all things through obedience, with eyes upon her crucifix, which she lovingly kissed, would say to her Saviour: Factus es obediens usque ad mortem, “Thou wast obedient even unto death.”


My God, I desire no longer to do my own will; I will sacrifice it to Thee upon all occasions. Disciple of a God Who was obedient for me even unto death, how can I refuse to obey?

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