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St. Francis of Assisi

Obedience – Eighth Day of June


“All, therefore, they shall say to you, observe and do.” — St. Matt. 23:3.


Would you know who are true religious? It is they who by mortification have so subjugated their wills that they know not how to will anything but by the command or advice of their Superior. — St. Fulgentius.

St. Teresa was well persuaded of this truth. She said if all the angels told her to do a thing, and her Superior commanded her to perform the contrary, she would obey the order of her Superior. “Obedience to Superiors,” added she, “is commanded by God in Holy Scripture; consequently it is of faith. One cannot be deceived in obeying, while revelations are subject to illusions.”


My God, I submit to Thee my will. I will nothing in future but that which those command and counsel me who hold Thy place.

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