Interview with Fr. Michael Rodríguez
St. Francis de Sales presenting a book to three nuns

Meekness – Twenty-Eighth Day of May


Learn of Me that I am meek and humble of heart. St. Matt. 11:29.


Accustom yourself to have a heart docile, amiable, submissive, which will condescend in all things, and at all times, to everything permissible, for the love of God. For this end, every morning put your heart in a state of humility, of tranquility, and of sweetness. During the day, from time to time examine if it be not attached to something earthly. In such a case renounce the affection; if you do not, you will never wholly possess peace of heart. — St. Francis of Sales.

This saint endeavored, above all things, to make himself all to all. He did this for love of his neighbor and to please God, because by his lively faith he saw His image in all men.

St. Vincent do Paul recommended the practice of often examining one’s self during the day to see whether the heart was attracted by anything away from God.

  1. Boudon repeated, without ceasing, these words: “God alone, God alone, and always God alone,” lest his heart might become attached to creatures.

The abbot Agatho said that he never retired to rest at night without having first sought and obtained peace for his heart, that he might obey the words of Our Saviour by the prophet: “Seek peace, and follow it.”


My God, I wish to make myself all to all to please Thee, and I will not cease to purify my heart, that I may be agreeable in Thy eyes. Give me Thy peace.

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