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Love of Jesus Christ – Thirteenth Day of January

Love of Jesus Christ.

If any man love not Our Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema.” — 1 Cor. 16:22.


The least suffering, the least humiliation on the part of Jesus Christ would have sufficed for our redemption on account of the infinite dignity of His person. But what sufficed for our redemption did not suffice for His love. — St. Chrysostom.

Jesus willed to suffer to excess to redeem us, while without suffering He might have redeemed us. This reflection it is which has filled so many saints with the love of the cross.

St. Teresa said: “Suffer or die.” St. Magdalene of Pazzi: “No, not to die, but suffer.” St. John of the Cross: “To suffer and to be despised for Thee.” With St. Bernard let us ask for the love of the cross in these words: “My heart on the cross, and the cross in my heart.”


Thou permittest, O my God, that I am at times in tribulation; Thou permittest it for my good. I adore Thy will; give me the strength and patience necessary. I offer Thee all my crosses; accept them from the hands of Jesus Christ, through Whom all things are pleasing when offered to Thee.

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