Saint Anthony of Padua and the Infant Jesus by Bartolome Esteban Murillo

Love of Jesus Christ – Third Day of January

Love of Jesus Christ.

If any man love not Our Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema.” — 1 Cor. 16:22.


We must seek wisdom only in Jesus Christ. — St. Thomas.

St. Paulinus, writing to Aper, a man of learning who had renounced the profane sciences to consecrate himself to God in the religious life, said: “Let orators exercise themselves to speak well, philosophers cultivate the sciences, the rich take care of the their treasures; our kingdom is Jesus Christ.” The same saint wrote to another who, in striving to acquire human knowledge, had neglected his salvation: “You find time to read the poets and orators, to study philosophy, and you find no time to be a Christian! Be a philosopher of God, study Jesus Christ in His school.”

A zealous Christian silenced some persons who, through their own passions and the reading of bad books, had become unbelievers, by saying to them: “If Jesus Christ be not God, how comes it that all the prophecies regarding the Messias are so perfectly verified in Him? How could He invent, preach, and spread a doctrine so sublime, which teaches man so perfectly to know God, his duties, his obligations, his last end? How is it that in presence of Jews and Pagans He performed such wonderful miracles? That His disciples also, in His name, performed miracles most astounding? How is it that in so short a time the world embraced Christianity, and all the efforts of impiety have been unable to overthrow it? Men who are most virtuous, most happy, are they not true Christians, who live according to the Gospel, and who obey the Catholic Church, which is the only Church of Jesus Christ?”


O Jesus, my Saviour and my God, if Thou art not God, God Himself has deceived us. O Jesus, have pity on those who have lost the precious gift of faith; enlighten those who are in darkness. I believe in Thee, I love Thee.

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