Saint Anthony of Padua and the Infant Jesus by Bartolome Esteban Murillo

Love of Jesus Christ – Seventh Day of January

Love of Jesus Christ.

If any man love not Our Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema.” — 1 Cor. 16:22.


One of the greatest reasons for which Jesus Christ came upon earth and gave Himself to us was that, man knowing to what excess God has loved him, his heart would burn with ardent love for Him Who loved him first with such excessive love. — St. Augustine.

St. Francis of Paula, deeply touched in pondering on the infinite love God has shown us, exclaimed: “O God, O charity! O God, O charity! How excessive is the charity Thou hast manifested to us! Grant that Thy love may enkindle love in our hearts, that they may be consumed with love for Thee.” Let us be penetrated with these sentiments.

A servant of God, addressing himself to Divine Love, said: “Divine Love, be my mother; do for me as a tender mother would for her children. Be my guide; conduct me, accompany me wherever I may go. Be my master; instruct me in the art of loving God, with a love tender, pure, generous, constant, and penitent. Be my life; be the soul of my soul. Let it be Thou that thinketh, speaketh, and acteth in me. Let my heart burn with so ardent a love that it enkindle the fire of Thy divine love in all hearts.”


O my God! I ask pardon for the many who live but to gratify their passions. Alas! Have I not often taken mine for a guide? Let me live only for Thee and for Thy love.

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