54-day Rosary Novena: Day 9 -Glorious in Petition
Meditation for the month of February: Humility. Image: “Christ washing Peter’s feet,” by Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893). (DeAgostini Picture Library / Getty Images)

Humility – Twenty-Fifth Day of February


He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” — St. Luke 14:11


He who would be a true saint ought not to defend himself, except in a few particular cases, when he is accused unjustly. Jesus Christ has given us the example; for, hearing Himself accused of something He was not guilty of, He did not utter a word to vindicate himself. — St. Philip Neri.

St. Vincent de Paul was often calumniated, but he was never heard to complain, nor to say anything to show that he was not guilty. “I shall justify myself only by my works,” he said to the Fathers of his Congregation. One day the Queen told him he had been accused of something she could not think him guilty of. “Madam,” he replied simply, “I am a great sinner.” When the Queen urged that it was his duty to prove his innocence, he answered: “Our Lord was accused of worse things, and He never justified Himself.”


Would I not be covered with confusion if men knew my thoughts, my affections, my works? O my God, dost Thou not know all? Should I not die of confusion when I think that Thou hast seen all?

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