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Humility – Sixth Day of February


He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” — St. Luke 14:11


The humble, those who have a lowly opinion of themselves and love to be despised by others, please God the most. He makes it His delight to be with them, to pour upon them the treasures of His grace, to reveal to them His secrets, and to attract them sweetly to Himself. — Thomas à Kempis.

Thais, being converted, never forgot her past disorderly life. Penetrated with confusion at her sins, she never dared to mention the holy name of God. Thus she expressed herself in addressing Him: “Thou Who hast created me, have mercy on me.” By such sentiments of humility she became so pleasing to God that she obtained an eminent degree of sanctity. A servant of God much esteemed by St. Ignatius said: “He who thinks he is of no value is worth much; and he who thinks he is of much worth is worth nothing.”


Lord, I have nothing, I deserve nothing, I am less than nothing, since I am a sinner. I have recourse to Thee. The more wretched a poor man is, the greater is his hope that the rich, to whom he addresses himself, will take pity on him. I beseech Thee, have mercy on me, according the greatness of my miseries.

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