54-day Rosary Novena: Day 21 - Glorious in Petition
Meditation for the month of February: Humility. Image: “Christ washing Peter’s feet,” by Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893). (DeAgostini Picture Library / Getty Images)

Humility – Seventeenth Day of February


He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” — St. Luke 14:11


The most profound degree of humility is to receive humiliations and abjections with the same complacency that vain persons do the greatest honors. — St. Francis de Sales.

St. Dominic dwelt with much more pleasure in the diocese of Carcassonne than in that of Toulouse, where he had converted numbers of heretics. He was asked the reason. He replied: “In Toulouse they load me with honors; in Carcassonne I am abhorred, persecuted, insulted.”

“It would be much more agreeable to me,” said St. Felix, a Capuchin, “to see myself insulted, despised, and covered with disgrace in the streets of Rome than to find myself honored and respected by the people.”


My God, do not permit that the praise or esteem of men be for me a hindrance to my salvation. I desire to be honored and loved but by Thee. I wish to please Thee alone.

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