Meditation for the month of February: Humility. Image: “Christ washing Peter’s feet,” by Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893). (DeAgostini Picture Library / Getty Images)

Humility – Eleventh Day of February


He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” — St. Luke 14:11


Our Saviour has said that it is necessary for him who would become greater than others to make himself the least. This is a truth all Christians believe. How is it so few conform their lives to it? — St. Vincent de Paul.

St. Paula, according to St. Jerome, was so filled with the thought of her own nothingness, on account of her great humility, that one who was not acquainted with her, and wished to see her on account of the great reputation for sanctity she had acquired, would never suspect it was she from the lowliness of her aspect. Surrounded by a number of pious virgins, there was nothing in her exterior, in her language or manners to distinguish her from them. One would think she was the last among those to whom she was a mother and a model.

“I am not worthy to be looked upon, to be borne with; I am not worthy to live, since I have sinned; I am worthy only to be despised and abused; I am worthy only of hell,” said a great servant of God.


Teach me, O my God, to be little in my own eyes, to be the least of all. Deign to make known to me my ingratitude to Thee, and that I may never lose sight of it, but be always deeply penetrated with the sense of it.

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