Daniel Answers to the King

Conformity to the Will of God – Twenty-Third Day of December

Conformity to the Will of God.

“Not my will, but Thine be done.” — St. Matt. 36:39


This is the reason why, notwithstanding the many Communions we receive, we are not sanctified — because we do not let Our Saviour reign in us as He desires. He comes to us, He finds our hearts full of desires, of affections, of little vanities. This is not what He wishes. He desires to find them entirely empty, that He can make Himself absolute master of them, absolute ruler. — St. Francis of Sales.

St. Louis Gonzaga made every action of the week either a thanksgiving to God for the Communion he had received the preceding Sunday or a preparation for the Communion of the following Sunday.

The venerable Palafox, while yet living in the world, in each Communion that he made proposed to himself the eradication of one of his faults, or the acquiring of some virtue. By this means he overcame what was vicious in his soul and advanced steadily in piety.

Blessed Agatha of the Cross prepared herself for sacramental Communion by making spiritual Communions many times during the day.

St. Teresa prepared herself for Communion by offering herself at least fifty times during the day to Our Lord, begging Him to dispose of her as pleased Him best.


My God, I beg of Thee to empty my heart of all vanity, of all affection for things perishable, so that Thou mayest become absolute master thereof, and do with me as Thou will.

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