Daniel Answers to the King

Conformity to the Will of God – Twenty-Second Day of December

Conformity to the Will of God.

“Not my will, but Thine be done.” — St. Matt. 36:39


A soul that is attached to anything that is not for God will never possess the liberty of divine union. It matters little whether a bird be held by a rope or a thread. So long as it cannot break its chains, it matters little how light they be; it will not be able to fly. Ah! How many souls there are which we might compare to rich vessels because they are freighted with many good works, many spiritual exercises, and other virtues, yet never arrive at the haven of a perfect union with God, because they have not the courage to break some light chain. — St. John Chrysostom.

Death or the love of God,” exclaimed St. Teresa; “heaven or the love which animates the saints in heaven. Alas! So long as I remain in this mortal life I will incline towards the earth, I will only love my God imperfectly. Ought I desire anything but God? Life is a death from which death delivers us. Let me die, let me die, that I may love God alone, that I may love Him perfectly. I die of regret because I cannot die.” This saint rejoiced each time the clock struck. “Thank God,” she said, “I have an hour less to remain in this place of exile. I approach my true country, that place of pure and perfect rest.”


My God, thou art the God of my heart. I desire but Thee. I sigh after heaven, because it is only in heaven that we shall love Thee perfectly.

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