Conformity to the Will of God – Twenty-Fifth Day of December

Conformity to the Will of God.

“Not my will, but Thine be done.” — St. Matt. 36:39


If you would desire that union with God which seeks to please Him alone in all things, do not lose sight of recollection in your manner of life and in conversation. Live as much as possible within your interior; think of God, Who dwells there; hasten to banish from your heart all that you have heard or seen from without. Your heart will be dilated, you will run in the way of His commandments, you will make it your delight to accomplish His will. — Bl. Henry Suzo.

Father Alvarez appeared at one time to have his thoughts so deeply concentrated in himself that someone asked him if anything was the matter. “I am studying to live as if I were in a desert in Africa; I would wish to be as detached from every creature as if I really dwelt there,” was his reply.

St. Thomas Aquinas could think only of God, could speak only of Him, and loved to hear Him spoken of. When in conversation where other things were spoken of, he took no part in it. It could be remarked that he occupied himself interiorly with God. All that he asked was to possess Him Whom alone He sought to please.


My God, grant that I may dwell within myself, that I may always live in Thy presence.

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