Daniel Answers to the King

Conformity to the Will of God – Sixth Day of December

Conformity to the Will of God.

“Not my will, but Thine be done.” — St. Matt. 36:39


A soul that is truly submissive to the will of God is not attached to anything created: it knows that all that is not God is vanity and nothingness; accordingly it has no other object, no other end, but to die to self, to be resigned always and in all things. — Bl. Henry Suzo.

St. Vincent de Paul excelled in this particular point: he lived detached from all creatures and from himself. His continual desire was to conform himself to the good pleasure of God, and to adore with love the dispositions of His providence.

St. Teresa wrote to her director: “The actual state of my soul is, that I will only what God wills. The will of God and His good pleasure are so closely united to my desires and my inclinations that I have no other; it even seems that I could have no other. It is that alone I desire solely and perfectly. This disposition is profoundly engraven in my heart. I have no need to multiply acts of submission to the will of God; I love all that He wills, and sovereignly rejoice in it.”


My God, I adore Thy will, I submit myself to it, I love it, I rejoice to accomplish it, I desire only that.

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