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Conformity to the Will of God – Fifth Day of December

Conformity to the Will of God.

“Not my will, but Thine be done.” — St. Matt. 36:39


The angels find so much satisfaction in doing the will of God that if He asked one of them to come down upon this earth and employ himself in separating good grain from the bad, or in pulling out weeds from a field, he would instantly leave heaven and apply himself willingly and with all his heart to that which God required of him. — Bl. Henry Suzo.

He who spoke thus ardently desired to do the will of God. He would prefer, he said, to be the last of creatures, if it were the will of God, rather than be a seraph, and follow his own will.

St. Magdalene of Pazzi often pronounced these words: Will of God, will of God. She found in them inexpressible satisfaction. Frequently she would exclaim, “How beautiful is the will of God, how amiable!”


My God, I believe there is nothing better than to fulfil with joy, with love, Thy will. What wilt Thou that I do? I am ready.

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