Confidence – Twenty-Second Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


When we find ourselves in danger, we should not lose courage but confide much in Our Lord. The greater the peril, the nearer is the help of Him Who calls Himself our aid in tribulation. — St. Ambrose.

St. Ignatius was on the sea at one time when a great tempest arose. The sails of the vessel were torn to pieces; all on board, except the saint, were in fright and tears; they expected nothing but death. St. Ignatius alone was tranquil and without fear. He was calm because these words were present to his mind: “The winds and the sea obey the Lord.” “The tempest did not arise without His permission,” he said, “and without it we cannot be lost. The Lord is master. If He wills that I perish in the waters, I consent, I will it. I confide in His mercy.”


My God, grant that I may not lose courage in the time of danger. I will remember then that Thou art called our help in tribulation, and I will confide in Thee. When I walk in the shadow of death, I will not fear the dangers that threaten me, remembering that Thou art with me.

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