Series: Know Mary, Know Jesus

Confidence – Twenty-Fifth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


A servant of God should fear nothing in the whole world, not even the demons. When the demons perceive that they are despised, they lose their strength and we are the masters. If the Lord is all-powerful and the demons are His slaves, what harm can they do those who serve so great a King? — St. Teresa.

This saint was naturally timid, but considering one day how foolish it was to fear anything but the displeasure of God, a Master so great and so powerful, Who governed all things, and Whom she desired ardently to serve, wishing only to please Him, she said to herself: “Why do you fear? Of what are you afraid?” Taking a crucifix in her hands, she defied all the demons, saying: “Come, come all of you. I am the servant of the Lord. I wish to see what you can make me do.” From that moment she feared nothing. She made no more account of demons than she would of flies. So she herself tells us.


My God, Thou art my Master, a Master infinitely good and powerful. I love Thee more than I fear Thee. I fear only to offend Thee. As to men or demons, I will fear them not; they can only do to me as Thou wilt.

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