Live Our Lady of Fatima's Five Point Plan

Confidence – Twentieth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


When one places all his confidence in God, God favors him with a special protection, and he may be sure nothing evil will happen to him. — St. Vincent de Paul.

St. Benedict Joseph Labre, placing all his confidence in God, wrote thus to his parents: “Be not anxious in my regard; I am happy because the All-powerful conducts me.” Did God abandon him? Did He not always give him proof of the most singular protection? If he was poor, it was because he wished to be so. He was content to ask, about the middle of the day, at the door of some charitable person, for a little soup to nourish his body, to which with truth he gave the name of corpse; and he had always plenty besides, so numerous were the alms he was forced to accept from the many poor who followed him. Notwithstanding the mortifications which he inflicted on himself, what sweet consolations inundated his soul during his prayer which never ceased, and in what a very short time has not Our Lord made famous throughout the Christian world the name of him who, during his life, sought only to be ignored and despised! The holy beggar has reason to rejoice that he followed the call of grace and confided so perfectly in God.


Lord, I place all my confidence in Thee. What evil can befall me? Thou wilt take me under Thy protection; Thou wilt come to my aid; Thou wilt fill me with the highest good.

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